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No matter how carefully we drive, we all find ourselves in a fender bender at some point. Maybe you were just out and about on your normal day-to-day business and had a stroke of bad luck, or maybe you were enjoying a vacation at Cedar Point when a collision stranded you away from home. No matter what your circumstances, Foster Chevrolet is here to help. As the only authorized GM collision center in Sandusky and Huron, we can offer you top-quality bodywork to keep your GM looking and driving like new.

Why choose us?

As an authorized collision center, we at Foster Chevrolet can provide you with peace of mind during the stress of a crash. Our service technicians are experts in caring for GM vehicles and trained in OEM repair procedures. And as with any GM product or service, you can trust that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer service and quality of work.

During those repairs, we can provide your ride with high-quality, genuine GM Original Equipment parts. These are the closest thing you can get to the factory-installed equipment your vehicle came with. This means that once we’re through, you’d never know your vehicle had ever been in a crash at all.

Why are GM OE parts so important?

GM Original Equipment parts come with a variety of assurances that non-OE parts may not. For instance, GM has strict safety requirements that all of its parts are designed to meet. Non-OE parts may not meet the same standards, such as not having crumple zones that protect you in the event of another collision. With non-OE parts, you also don’t have the same verifiable build quality and structural integrity that you can count on with a proven manufacturer like GM.
Official GM parts also help make sure your vehicle looks great after a crash. GM Original Equipment parts are designed to fit GM vehicles perfectly, which means that you won’t end up with gaps between parts or parts that constantly bump up against each other. Not only that, but GM parts come primed and ready to paint, which makes the repair quicker, and when it comes time to upgrade to your next vehicle, your current one will have a higher resale value if it’s still equipped with original GM parts.

And in a very immediate sense, using GM parts saves a lot of time. After a wreck, you probably don’t want to drag out the stress of repairs any more than necessary. When you opt for non-OE parts, you may have to spend more time waiting for the parts to come in, or for the technicians to figure out workarounds to fit your vehicle with a part that wasn’t specially designed for it. With original equipment parts, however, you won’t have such headaches, and you can be back on the road in a good-as-new car before you know it.

Check with your insurance

Remember that you get to decide where you take your vehicle after a collision — not your insurance company. But do be sure to check your insurance policy before you make your final decision, so that you can be sure that your policy will cover the repair. For example, many plans cover “parts of the same kind and quality,” while others require original equipment parts, and still, others stipulate that you must use non-OE parts.

If you’ve been in a wreck with your GM, coming to an authorized GM collision center is the best way to restore your vehicle to its pre-collision condition. With the help of trained GM technicians and genuine GM Original Equipment parts, you’ll soon be back on the road as if the crash never even happened.




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